How To Fix HP Stream Black Screen Problem?

How To Fix HP Stream Black Screen Problem?

A black screen on your HP desktop computer or laptop could be a bigger problem if you not check the root cause of the actual problem. Actually, this kind of indications or initial stage of technical problem can convert into a major trouble if ignored or not fixed timely.

HP stream black screen issue is the problem when you turn on your computer but no lights, display and no sound shows or the screen is showing the error message. Actually, you can see this error in two different way, first if the blank screen occurs after you enter the password and there is a blinking cursor on the computer screen.

You need to check if black screen with blinking cursor after entering windows password on your computer screen. However if you are facing a black screen with a non-blinking cursor when start your PC after updating Windows you can follow the steps given below to fix issues.

Fix HP Black Screen Issue

Steps to Start Windows normally when App Readiness not disabled:

Step1: Turn on your computer and wait 15 to 20 minutes to complete boot process to load.

Step2: Download and install HP Image Enhancement for System Logon.

Step3: Now restart your computer after completing the installation of the SoftPaq.

Steps to Start Windows normally when App Readiness disabled:

Step1: Open Windows and type Services in search field.

Step2: In the search results, click services Desktop app and select App Readiness

Step3: Now on the App Readiness properties page, on general tab, set startup type to Manual
Step4: Clack Apply and Ok to close the properties and download HP Image Enhancement for System Logon.

Step5: Once downloaded, install HP Image Enhancement for System Logon and restart your PC after completing the installation process.

How To Fix HP Stream Black Screen Error?

Hard Reset the Computer

Reset the Computer with Hard Reset that also sometimes helps to solve such issues. If you have tried the steps but not become successful you can call HP technical support for online help and get the right solution at your desk.

Connect External Monitor to test Display

To check the external display of the monitor you need to connect another monitor with your HP computer. Just connect any external monitor restart your computer to check if black screen error appears again or sound is coming or not, fan is working and other functions are working. If this monitor is also not displaying the content it means there is some problem with your HP PC.

Restore or Recover BIOS Previous Version

If you have upgrade BIOS version, you can face such issues, in such cases you need to recover or restore the previous version of BIOS that is automatically stored when you upgrade with latest one. A copy of previous BIOS version is stored in the HP_TOOLS partition of your hard drive and most of the HP laptops or computers have emergency BIOS recovery feature to recover and install the last saved version of the BIOS from the hard drive.

Reset the Memory Modules

If the memory module of your HP computer is loose it will not display the content or any other image. Resetting the memory modules might help you to resolve such issues. To reset the memory module you need to follow the right steps because any kind of mistake can push you into another trouble. Hence it is recommended to reset such setting under the guidance or help of an expert computer technician having knowledge of such settings and functions.

Understand the Indication of LED light

The LED light on your HP computer indicates the type of error your computer is showing on screen. If your HP system is making one or two short beeps before starting the system means this is a normal and your computer is indicating that BIOS startup is correctly done and if the computer beeps and not starts that means there is some serious hardware issues. To confirm the actual problem call HP customer support phone number and get right solution.

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