How to Solve Window XP Install Issue on HP Computer?

Windows XP is one of the most user-friendly operating system you can choose for your computer. If you have HP computer, just make it first choice because most of the users prefer to go with this version and enjoy a smooth computing with nonstop performance.

Windows XP installation on HP computer is simple and trouble-free if your system has the minimum requirement and you follow the right steps. However, there are few common errors that encounter at the time of install, and we have discussed our expert’s views below to explain how to solve Window XP install issue on HP computer or laptops.

Installation Disc is not finding the hard drive

This problems comes when you try to install Windows XP that is compatible with Vista or Windows 7, in such situation he installation disc may not diagnose the hard drive. Actually, this is a kind of technology called - Serial ATA (SATA) comes in latest operating systems while windows XP use older ATI-native technology.

Here the BIOS which is responsible to control all the hardware components usages native-SATA drivers but the XP installation disc cannot find this newer technology. At this moment you need to resolve this issue and disable the native SATA configuration in the BIOS, if you don’t know how to do that just call the HP computer support to get online help.

Network Interface Card is not able to connect with network

After windows XP install you cannot connect to internet or other networks. And this problem comes when windows XP not able to recognize the Network Interface Card (NIC). To fix this problem find and install NIC drivers for the original operating system and use another computer to search for and download the Ethernet or NIC drivers that will help your computer to work.

After installing the NIC driver you can restart your computer and this it should connect with the internet where you can find for the downloaded other drivers. However, if you face HP computer driver related issues, HP technical support will help you for driver related issues.

Update Other Drivers using Windows Update

After switching to windows XP from any higher version of Windows OS, you also need to update the driver compatible with this version. To update the drivers take help of windows update or use the Microsoft or HP tool that can detect the outdated or incompatible drivers.

You can use HP Help & Support application for XP that is a diagnostic tool help to resolve such issues. This diagnosis tool has been developed to check operating system and hardware combinations that may not deliver updates and your HP laptop has unknown configuration.

Reinstall the Original OS if HP computer is not working properly

If you have downgraded your HP computer from windows 7 to XP you will find that few features like webcam, sound or DVD drive is not working properly. Here, check the product page for your HP computer and there are few XP drivers available. Note HP computer not comes with XP-compatible drivers that are especially designed for Windows 7 or Vista drivers.

At this stage you can check whether your HP computer is shipped with non-XP operating system or not, HP computer can support the installed hardware and software while the computer is already running with original operating system as per the written agreement. Here, you can install the original operating system and if there is any major issue call at HP customer support phone number and you will get online help to deal with such issues.

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