How to Fix “BOOT DEVICE NOT FOUND HP” in Laptop?

HP laptops not booting problem comes when bootable hardware not found or BIOS is not configured properly in which the computer accesses available bootable hardware devices can be detected. If bootable files are not found an error displays with error message “3F0 error or Boot Device Not Found” on your HP laptop.

The booting problem can come on any HP laptop running on windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 OS. If your HP Pavilion Laptop is running on windows 10 and not booting, you can find the solution in our another blog post How to Fix Issue “HP Pavilion Not Booting Windows 10”? However, if the boot device in not found on your any other HP laptop you can follow the simple troubleshooting steps given below and boot your HP laptop without any issue.


Steps to Fix Boot Device Not Found HP Laptop:

Step1: The first critical step you can do is just performing a hard reset on your computer that will clear and reestablish the software connections between the BIOS and the hardware.

Step2: The second option is restore BIOS default settings by pressing F9 and selecting to load the BIOS Setup Default settings.

Step3: Now test the hard drive using HP PC Hardware Diagnostics that will enable you to test the main components on your computer by selecting quick tests or longer, more complete tests.

Step4: Now you have to rese at the hard drive, because sometimes boot device not found error comes when the computer has been hit and the connections with hard drive goy lost.

Step5: Performing the HP system recovery could be the last or best tool to fix boot device not found HP 3f0 error. But make sure before performing this action, back up your personal data to another external hard disk, as it will erase all your computer data.

Call HP Support Number 1-888-687-4491 to Fix No Boot Device Found HP Laptops

If you follow the steps given above and still not found boot device on HP computer then call at HP customer  service phone number and get online assistance by computer experts who will take your system on remote and fix the actual problem causing this error. HP customer service is also open 24-hour to solve HP Pavilion or Envy laptops related various other technical issues affecting the performance of such devices.

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