How to Fix Error 49 on HP LaserJet Printer?

How to Fix Error 49 on HP LaserJet Printer?

HP Printer is used widely because of its nonstop printing with best printing quality and extent speed. If you are using this printer for your personal, home or office uses then you can face software issues with your printer like HP Printer Driver Not Installing on Windows 10, Troubleshoot HP Printer in Error State, Fix HP Printer Cartridge Problem, error code 49 HP LaserJet printer, Set Up HP Wireless Printer on Windows 10, Install Driver on Mac OS X 10.8 etc.

So to help you out about the error 49, here you can find some tips and tricks with the actual cause. If you need to contact with HP printer technical support scroll down the mouse cursor and make a ring at the toll free number.

The serious causes of error 49 on HP LaserJet Printer are

  • Wrong print commands
  • Damaged data transfer
  • Irrational operations
  • Registry errors

Before going to resolve the concern you may require to check that the problem is not caused by specific job. Some of the few cause of error is by bad information being sent to the printer. If you have the HP printer error 49 service error thankfully, now you can avail the online customer assistant at low service charge because here the technicians involved will fix all your concern individually by taking the control of your device and then they delivers the accurate answers.

Fix Error 49 on HP LaserJet Printer

If you want to fix error 49 HP LaserJet printer manually then follow the instructions from below of the webpage, it has been provided the expert techies who are very much proficient and talented in troubleshoot the HP Printer errors.

Here are the Few Important Steps to Resolve HP LaserJet Printer Error 49:

Step 1: Users may firstly need to Power off the printer and remove installed EIO devices.

Step 2: After this perform the cold reset of the printer by following the below steps.

  • Shut down the printer and remove memory, then power on and retest for printing.
  • Reset the memory and firmware modules of the printer.

Step 3: Users are also required to check firmware version upgrade and if available then perform it.

Step 4: If not found any cause then try to start removing the parts one-by-one and check for the hardware creating issues.

Step 5: You can also try to remove the firmware DIMM.

For any HP printer troubleshooting support you may directly Contact HP support number 1-888-687-4491 where technicians are readily available 24 hours to help the customers with their issues. So don’t worry and feel free to contact HP Technical Support instantly.


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