How to Fix HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously?

Caps lock blinking is code indicator for possible errors in the system number of count of the blinking light is very helpful to show the part of device causing error. For devices like laptop computer and many more devices manufactured by HP are embedded by some blinking error codes to identify the part causing problem.

If you laptop is overheating abnormally and you are not able to fix the problem you need to follow How to Solve Overheating Problem in HP Laptop. But if your laptop is not switching on and the caps lock is blinking continuously you are required to follow some methods carefully listed below to solve HP laptop caps lock blinking continuously problem.

hp laptop caps lock blinking continuously

Steps to Fix HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking and No Screen:


Step1: Switch off the laptop and remove back cover.

Step2: Remove Power cable from the laptop and disconnect the CMOS battery right behind ram slot.

Step3: Remove battery from the laptop if not detachable then the connection from battery to mother board must be removed.

Step4: Press power button for 30 seconds.

Step5: Connect battery connect CMOS battery and switch on the laptop.


Step1: Switch on the laptop and press f10 repeatedly until Bios menu appear.

Step2: Navigate to diagnostics from bios menu and start diagnostics.

Step3: On the basis of diagnostics check the part of computer is not working.

Step4: Open Back panel of computer and reseat after cleaning the part causing problem and check.

Call HP Support Number +1-888-687-4491 to Fix HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking

If the issue is not fixed by performing above steps then you are required to call HP laptop support number toll free to get in touch with certified professionals delivering round the clock assistance to solve various problems faced with HP Laptops. Services are available here by contacting experts at +1-888-687-4491 by providing online help.

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