How to Fix HP Laptop Won’t Start Up Windows 10?

In general after updates most of the times the laptop won’t startup as incomplete update of windows will cause such errors as well as completing updates with corrupted files is won’t start up error. But improper shutdown of the laptop or due to corrupted registry files will result in no returning back after shutdown or restart of the laptop.

After restarting the laptop if your laptop is showing the booting problem you can read our another blog post How to Fix “BOOT DEVICE NOT FOUND HP” in Laptop? While here if your HP laptop is not starting up on Windows 10 you are required to read steps given below in the blog below to know HP laptop will not start up windows 10.

HP Laptop Won't Start Up Windows 10

Steps to Fix HP Laptop Won’t Boot Up Windows 10:


Step1: Turn off the laptop and remove battery with cables connected to it.

Step2: Insert battery and power on the laptop.

Step3: Press Esc button immediately after pressing power button.

Step4: After a menu appeared on the laptop press f2 button.

Step5: On main menu navigate to component test and run test for each part one by one.

Step6: If any part shows an error check the part and if require replace the part and check connections carefully.


Step1: If no hard ware error found shut down the laptop.

Step2: Remove battery if not removable left it and disconnect charger to laptop.

Step3: Press power button for 30 seconds and connect the battery.

Step4: Now connect the charger and switch on the laptop.


Step1: Turn on the laptop and press esc button repeatedly till you receive menu.

Step2: On menu press f11 button and select advanced troubleshooting option.

Step3: Select repair windows over there and follow on screen commands.

Step4: Use a disc or bootable media if required.

Contact HP Support Number 1-888-687-4491 for HP Laptop Won’t Startup Windows 10

If even a single method explained in blog is not able to solve your problem you need to contact toll free HP laptop support phone number. To get connected to experts round the clock you need to dial 1-888-687-4491 number to get instant online assistance.

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