How to Fix HP Pavilion Laptop Cooling Fan (90b) Error?

How to Fix HP Pavilion Laptop Cooling Fan (90b) Error?

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Whenever HP cooling fan error message is faced, you can easily find out because the following error messages will be displayed:

  • System detected that cooling fan is not working correctly.
  • Frequently shutdown of the system or data loss etc.
  • System Fan (90b)
  • System Fan (90f)

Fix HP Pavilion Laptop Cooling Fan (90b) Error

To check the solutions through HP Pavilion support you can visit down the page and check the related information.

Follow the Following Methods to Fix HP Pavilion Cooling Fan Error 90b:

Step 1: When error is displayed then users may press Enter key to clear the message.

Step 2: After this, Shut down the computer and clean the exterior vents by removing dust.

Step 3: After cleaning the vents turn on the computer and if the same issue persists then go further.

Step 4: You can try for hard reset of the computer.

Step 5: You can also try to update the BIOS to fix this error from occurring.

Step 6: Perform the cleaning process of the internal components through computer serviced technicians.

Step 7: Thoroughly remove dust from all internal cooling components.

Check for the following items at the time of servicing:

  • Users may make sure that the wires between system and CPU fans are connected securely to the motherboard.
  • Make sure that the system fan is working properly.

The additional details about the HP laptop cooling fan error 90b can be checked by reaching the technicians at single call by dialing their HP customer service number. Actually, this number is free to dial 24 hours for US and Canada based HP laptop users.

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