How to Fix HP Pavilion Not Recognizing Hard Drive Issue?

How to Fix HP Pavilion Not Recognizing Hard Drive Issue?

HP laptops have different series of laptops and HP Pavilion is one of them which come with high end features at best ranges. It gives an ultramodern computing feature to the users. It has different features like high speed processer, operating system, and huge memory space. As like other technical devices this laptop can be also get some technical issues which have to be fixed immediately.

To make the HP Pavilion run well without any issue then users may have to setup the device with the entire needed configuration and other settings needed. Users may also need to perform the update drivers to latest version timely to avoid bugs and problems. It might be possible that due to some technical fault this laptop series can show errors like Installation & Setup, Update & upgrade of the OS, Software Installation, Configuration problem, Network Connection and Wi-Fi Connectivity issue, HP Pavilion not recognizing hard drive and so on.

If customers need any type of help against HP Pavilion not detecting hard drive issue then they can contact the best online tech help service provider who will offer tech support for HP laptop and computers with best solutions as per the customer’s need and suitability.

Fix HP Pavilion Not Recognizing issue

Some steps have been also illustrated by the professionals to fix the issue as HP Pavilion not finding hard drive. So, just follow the methods illustrated below:

Methods to settle Boot Device Not Found Error:

Method 1: The first step is to perform the force reset to erase and clear all the software connection between BIOS and hardware.

Method 2: Restore the BIOS to Default setting

Step 1: Shut down the computer and wait for some time

Step 2: Now, start the computer system and repeatedly press the F10 key from the keyboard to enter the BIOS setup menu.

Step 3: Then need to press F9 and load the BIOS Setup Default settings.

Step 4: Again need to press F10 to Save and Exit.

Step 5: After this, select “Yes” with the help of arrows key and then click over the Enter button when asked Exit Saving Changes?

Step 6: At last, need to perform the restart of the computer.

Method 3: Enable the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics

Method 4: Reseat the Hard Drive

Step 1: Turn off the computer directly by pressing the power button.

Step 2: After this need to disconnect the power cable connected.

Step 3: Remove the battery if possible.

Step 4: Then, internal hard drive should be disconnect and reconnected.

Step 5: After the above steps, try to start the computer normally.

Method 5: The last step is to back the personal data and information and then perform the HP System Recovery to fix the above issue.

The users having the HP Pavilion laptop models and willing for any technical help they are needed to dial the HP Pavilion support phone number for suitable and world class assistance. The issues encountered are solved at one click at reasonable service charge. This service is available round the clock with assured results.

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