How to Fix HP Printer Black Ink Not Working Properly?

Either the print head is clogged or there is an issue with black ink cartridge may be the ink is dry or the cartridge is faulty one can diagnose the cause to not print black color using HP printer. There may be a chance that not updated drivers for a long time can result in the mismanagement of the printer hardware and can be treated successfully after updating the software.

If ink system of your printer is not working then you need to read How to Fix Ink System Failure Issue on HP 8600 Printers. But to fix clogged ink in the HP printer you are required to read steps listed below and execute step by step all the methods to fix various errors in HP printer.

HP Printer Black Ink Not Working

Steps to Fix HP Printer Black Ink Not Printing:


Step1: Turn off the Printer and disconnect all the cables, USB and other connected devices.

Step2: Wait for 10 minutes and press and hold power button for 30 seconds.

Step3: Connect all the cables and restart the printer.


Step1: Using printer display and navigate to service mode.

Step2: Open the back cover of the printer and remove cartridge from the print head.

Step3: Check if the cartridge is fine and remove lock to the print head.

Step4: Remove print head and check for dried inks and full of gunk.

Step5: Dip container into warm water as warm water dissolve clotted ink in the container.

Step6: Clean and dry print head container.

Step7: Fix print head container and insert print head.

Step8: Insert cartridge till click sound and close doors carefully to restart the printer.

Call HP Printer Support +1-888-687-4491 to Fix HP Printer Black Ink Not Working

These troubleshooting steps given in the blog are the complete solution to HP printer black ink not working problem and can be performed very carefully. Although these methods are complete solution to fix various issues in HP printer and in case you need support you can call+1-888-687-4491 toll free to get support from HP printer support number to get round the clock assistance.

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