How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x6100004a?

HP printer error code 0x6100004a is paper jam stuck mode error and encountered in most of the HP printers. In most of the cases the error can be cured easily by semi resetting the printer resetting can be done in two ways one is by printer and other one by using firmware of the computer.

HP printer may have various hardware and software errors as there may be a bug or any other kind of issue with the printer. If your drivers are not responding properly or not able to install the printer drivers read to know How to Solve HP Printer Driver Not Installing on Windows 10. But to fix paper jam issue in HP printers you can browse methods listed below.

HP Printer Error 0x6100004a

Steps to Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x6100004a:


Step1: Press start button and select control panel option.

Step2: Open device manager and search network adapters.

Step3: Select the mode to which printer is connected Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Step4: Check driver for updates and check if the driver is running successfully.

Step5: If not running disable the driver and enable it again.


Step1: Switch of the printer and disconnect all the cables.

Step2: Press and hold power button for approximately 60 seconds.

Step3: Restart the printer and check the error is fixed.


Step1: If on opening the printer door there is no paper stuck in the printer go to step2 or if found remove the paper carefully and restart the printer.

Step2: Press home button and navigate using keys to support menu.

Step3: Enter support menu and you found support x where x will be model number.

Step4: Now press > button till you find resets menu and press ok button.

Step5: Now country and language reset occurs press right button.

Step6: Press right button on partial reset to reach semi-full reset prompt and press ok button.

Call HP Technical Support +1-888-687-4491 to Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x6100004a

If users are facing problem regarding HP printer and nee help then contact to quick online assistance. Toll free numbers are available here for US +1-888-687-4491 and CANADA states clients call round the clock HP printer support number for instant help to fix HP printer error and get in touch with certified professionals.

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