How to Fix Override HP Ink Cartridge Error?

HP makes it impossible to use refilled or low quality third party cartridge in the HP printer on using such cartridge the user will asked if inserted cartridge is the new cartridge. If used duplicate or refilled cartridge then on accepting the prompt message you will receive override error in HP printer.

If paper jam error is encountered in the HP printer you need to follow blog here How to Fix Paper Jam Error in HP OfficeJet Printer. But to know the best methods to fix override HP ink cartridge failure to execute step by step all the methods to solve the problems faced with cartridges in HP printer.

Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

Steps to Fix Override HP Ink Cartridge Failure:


Step1: Insert the cartridge and restart the printer.

Step2: A message will be prompted and asked that used or counterfeit cartridge detected.

Step3: Now a yellow indicator is detected which prompt an override error.

Step4: Now you receive HP warranty will be spoiled if non HP branded ink cartridge is used.

Step5: Press ok button to start printing or press shop online to buy original cartridge and cancel to stop printing.


Step1: Open printer doors and remove the cartridge while printer is on.

Step2: After 10 seconds insert the cartridge into the printer and shutdown the printer.

Step3: Wait for 60 seconds and restart the printer and check for error is resolved.


Step1: Repeat step1 method1 and clean the cartridge using soft cloth.

Step2: Clean the contacts in the printer connected to cartridge.

Step3: Insert the cartridge into the printer and shut down the printer.

Step4: Remove all the connected cables to the printer and press power button for 60 seconds.

Step5: Restart the printer and print test page.

Call HP Support Number +1-888-687-4491 to Fix Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

If you are facing the same issue which is encountered after inserting refilled or non HP ink cartridge if you are not able to fix the issue after following methods listed in the blog. You need to contact HP printer support number to get in touch with technical support to get round the clock assistance dial +1-888-687-4491 (Toll-free) to get instant assistance online.

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