How to Fix Smart Test Failed Error 303 in HP?

How to Fix Smart Test Failed Error 303 in HP?

HP fix smart test failed error code 303 usually appears due to a technical problem with hard disk of your HP computer. The error occurs when either your laptop is strongly hit by something or fallen on the ground or you are trying to reboot system but encountered with this error code.

Actually, this smart test failed error code 303 HP indicates that the hard drive either has failed or data is not accessible due to physical damage to disk. Here you need to recover the damaged data from this HP laptop and to know the right process of this read our blog How to Recover the Hard Disk’s Data from a Dead HP Laptop but right now to know how to fix HP smart test failed error 303 follow the instructions given below with few simple steps.

Fix Smart Test Failed Error 303 in HP

Steps to Fix HP smart test failed error code 303:

Step1: First of all, you have to remove all the others issues with bad sectors associated with the hard drive.

Step2: Now carefully check the glitches and bad spots inside the hard drive, if necessary take help from experts with HP technical support to find such marks.

Step3: Now you have no option to buy a new hard drive and insert the same into your computer.

Step4: Now reboot your HP computer in safe mode by pressing F8 key during the boot process.

Step6: Now scan your computer and remove all the malicious files and virus like Trojan horse and worms affecting the performance of your computer.

Step7: This is the last step where you need to choose the safe mode and networking icon in the wizard to complete the process and remove this error code.

These simple steps will help you to get rid of this hard disk related error code from your computer. If you face any kind of similar error like hard disk startup error, then click here How to Fix HP Laptop Hard Disk Error Displays On Startup to read our blog post and know how to fix HP hard drive errors and other related issues.

However, if these troubleshooting steps are not helpful to fix hard disk errors then call at HP support phone number to get online solution by tech professionals. These expert technicians will just take your system on remote and run a full diagnosis to find the actual cause of error and apply the most suitable solution to fix the error and make your HP computer error-free.

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