How to Print Double Sided on Mac with HP Printer?

How to Print Double Sided on Mac with HP Printer?

HP printers are used for various different needs for home purposes, small offices or by the organization for printing of the documents. It gets configured on different operating system devices like Windows and Mac. It gives best printing quality with extent speed without showing any error but there are different technical problems that can be faced and it should be fixed immediately.

The common printer problems are like Installation error, HP Wireless Printer Setup and Configure concern, Driver Installation and Repair issue, Slow performance or low printing quality, Spooler error, how to set double sided printing on HP printer, Ink or Cartridge issues etc. Entire problems will be fixed through HP printer technical support because there teams with certified members are available to handle the customer’s concern.

The HP Printer users are required to just get in touch with the techies to grab the quick online help via remote access technology method to fix the HP printer in the right manner. The users can also need to follow the steps for double side printing through HP printer or they can also directly get contacted with the professionals available to assist the customers at their best.

How to Print Double Sided on Mac with HP Printer

Instructions to be Followed for How to Set HP Printer to Double Sided:

Method 1: Firstly, the users are required to setup the print job in the document print setting

Step 1: Firstly, need to avoid page ordering issues by loading enough blank paper into the input tray.

Step 2: Then open the document want to print, after this click File and then hit over the Print option and then click Show Details if necessary.

Step 3: Now, search for a two sided selection box.

Step 4: Before continuing, select the printer type as it is rear loading or front loading.

Step 5: Select Paper Handling through unnamed menu and then select Odd Only from the Pages to print menu.

Step 6: The next step will be to select one of the following settings from the Page Order menu:

  • Rear loading paper tray: Select Automatic
  • Front loading paper tray: Select Reverse

Step 7: At the end of the process the users are required to click over the “Print”.

Method 2: Now, the next method will be to print the other side of pages

To print on the other side reload the pages in the input tray according to the settings that depends on the printer input tray type.

For any other technical help related to HP printers including how to print double sided on Mac with HP printer then you can contact at the HP printer support phone number where users are assisted online with best possible results.

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