How to Restore Backup Files using HP Backup and Recovery Manager?

How to Restore Backup Files using HP Backup and Recovery Manager?

HP laptops and computer systems running on windows OS comes with recovery and manager tool to keep a copy of backups of entire system including the image copy of the operating system and other data stored into your computer system to any other storage drive.

By pressing F11, you can keep the backup and once the copy created you can restore the backup anytime as per your needs. Taking backups is not crucial but sometimes restoring becomes difficult due to unexpected errors or other issues come while doing that. Here be brought how to restore files using HP backup and recovery manager on your windows 10.

How to Restore Backup Files Using HP Recovery Manager?

To restore backup files that you created using HP Recovery Manager, follow the steps given below.

Step1: Open your USB Drive or external hard disk to copy the “MINWINPC” folder into your computer which is created at the time of taking backup.

Step2: You have to open the MINWINPC folder on your computer and execute file (.exe) that has been created while taking the backup process.

Step3: Click next when you Recovery Manager File Restore Program open and select the types of files that you are looking to restore, now click on next button.

Step4: Here a message appears shows the location to which the files are restored: The location path is C:\System Recovery Files and the shortcut to this file location is created on your PC.

Step5: Now allow the program to restore the backup up files and when HP recovery manager restores the files you can double-click the shortcut to system recovery files on your desktop to view the contents of the restored files.

How to Restore Backup Files using HP Backup and Recovery Manager?

To restore the HP Backup and Recovery Manager you need to follow the steps given below:


Click the start button and type recovery into the search field, now select the HP backup & recovery from the list to open HP backup and recovered manager options.

Step2: Select expert mode and click recover user created files and folders option, before you click next button to open the File Recovery Wizard without HP Backup and Recovery Manager.


Here you need click on next and recover files of most common locations and types option, click on next button and then press click on Browse and navigate to reach the location in which you have taken your initial backup of all the files. Here again type backup.exe file click open and press next and then follow the instructions on screen.

Following these steps you can easily restore backup files using HP Backup and Recovery Manager and if you still need any assistance or online tech support, you can call at HP technical support phone number and get online assistance to get solution or such issues. Technicians are ready to solve such issues with complete safety of your device and privacy.

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