How to Solve Overheating Problem in HP Laptop?

How to Solve Overheating Problem in HP Laptop?

Computers or laptops generate significant amount of heat when they are in use and to control their temperature there is fan inside the processing chamber throwing air nonstop preventing the system from overheating that can cause major problems for the end-users.

Here, overheating of HP laptop can cause issues like system crash, hard disk crash, freezing of screen, auto restart or shut down, slow running of computer and data loss etc. Actually, there are many reasons of overheating and top of them are discussed below with right solution.

Clean the dust particles accumulated on vents blocking airflow 

Air comes out from vents when fan runs, but when vents are blocked by dust particles gathered around clogging the flow of ventilation causing overheating of systems. You just need to remove the dust particles and cobweb carefully keep vent clean. You can use vacuum cleaner or open the vent chamber to manually clean all blocking materials from there.

Use Laptop at the right place for allowing proper ventilation       

Use of laptop appropriately is also important to avoid overheating problem. If you keep and use this machine at your couches or cushions and fabric made surface it will not allow proper flow of air resulting overheating of processing chamber. Hence, always keep and use laptop upright at flattened and smooth surface like table or desk for better ventilation.

Fix Overheating Problem in HP Laptop

Update BIOS settings for better cooling controlling system

From the software end, that helps to detect the accurate temperature of the laptop, you need to keep BIOS updated with latest one. Updating BIOS is a risker process, henceforth you should contact HP laptop technical support where technicians will do this process safely. You can also take help from these tech professionals for troubleshooting such issues.   

Place the laptop on cooler environment to bring down the temp  

If your laptop is overheated, then the immediate action should be place it at cooler place where its temperature can be brings down quickly. And it would be better if you use the laptop at AC controlled room to avoid overheating allowing you an uninterrupted computing. However, despite such precautions if you still face the issue, ask for HP laptop help.

Test Hardware failure and use HP CoolSense technology

If your HP laptop runs for longer time with overheating of chamber, there can be hardware failure or further damages to other hardware components. So, just check and test the laptop hardware components like processer, memory and other parts, if any part is damaged replace the same with original one to avoid any other problem later on.

Apart from that, you can also use HP CoolSense technology to bring the temperature of your HP laptop. HP CoolSense is a tool that combines hardware, software, and mechanical design to manage the temperature computers using motion sensor. With this you can control the fan speed and adjust laptop temperature related other settings. And despite all these safety measures if you still face the overheating problem then call HP customer support phone number for online support by tech professionals to check the issue personally.

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